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Masuda: All? lolz

I was about to say, they better both talk weird (Scot accents are weird, just speak normally ya fancy bastards). Spot of tea?

I can appreciate all the time and effort that went into this. Obviously the artist(s) were trying to create something truly epic. However the effort and time are the only things that warrants this generous score I am giving this. I feel the style they were going for (Dragon Ball Z) takes away more than it adds. As if they could only accomplish this level of awesome by relating these characters to Dragon Ball. It makes the animation as a whole seem generic, almost unoriginal. Maybe if the art style were more akin to the characters in their own respective styles it may have looked better and more interesting. Good job for what it is but I feel I have seen this before. 3/5!!!

I really wish this was the majority thought process of women nowadays.

This was great. I felt the writing was kinda cheesy but entertaining.


The team seems really well put together. All bases are covered and no one person is doing too many things. This is how a studio should be organized. But i need to ask, is this a series you guys are going to try to pursue? Or is this just a random cartoon? If so, Is this the pilot episode? If i give you guys a perfect score will you hire me as assistant animator? (Or just give me money)

I like how you added Mordecai and Rigby at the end

WooleyWorld responds:

Those are actually the animals Bob Ross brings on the show from time to time. I don't like Regular Show. Haha.

This shit is ugly. Yet strangely entertaining. You would be perfect for Adult Swim

Who animated this? Was it one person? Or a group of people? How long did it take to animate (NOT including pre or post production: story boarding, backgrounds, script writing, editing, voicing, clean-up, or coloring)? Just the actual animating each frame.

Derpixon responds:

Animation was done by me. I think the actual animating part was done in around 3-5 months on and off :)

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